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Just Dreaming
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Starting from 220 $



10 - 12 days surfing and exploring the isolated coastlines of Panaitan Island and West Java. Pumping barrels. No crowds. Isolated Perfection. Need we say more?


One Palm.





These waves are just the beginning...


With over 10 waves within short sailing distance, and the entire West Java mainland to explore, the crew will ensure you have more than your fill of waves in your very own tropical paradise.


Did we mention we're the only charter boat in the area? We have a strong focus on finding the best waves and conditions, dependent on your ability and desires.

Rooms & Packages

Sleeps up to 8 guests comfortably in an ´╗┐´╗┐Air conditioned dormitory style accommodation with Western style toilet and shower.





Accommodation and packages


$ per person All year
Surfplanner rate 2,200 $


It includes:
- Return transfers to/from Jakarta airport to/from Anyer Harbour
- 10 days / 9 nights on board
- All surf transfers in tender to and from Just Dreaming
- 3 hearty meals per day
- Plenty of snacks and fruit
- Use of fishing rods, snorkeling and spearfishing equipment
- Unlimited soft drinks, cordial, water, tea and coffee
- The required Indonesian Government and National Park permits and surf levies


It does not include:
- Insurance (mandatory)
- Airfares
- Alcoholic drinks
- Hotels before or after the boat trip
- Food/drinks outside the boat





Schedule 2014


Trip N┬║ Departure Arrival Duration
Trip 01 24 March´╗┐ 3 April´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 02 ´╗┐4 April ´╗┐14 April 11 days
Trip 03 ´╗┐16 April 26 April 11 days
Trip 04 ´╗┐29 April 8 May´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 05 ´╗┐10 May 19 May´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 06 ´╗┐21 May 30 May´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 07 1 June´╗┐ 10 June´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 08 ´╗┐12 June 21 June´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 09 ´╗┐23 June 2 July´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 10 ´╗┐4 July 14 July´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 11 16 July´╗┐ 27 July´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 12 ´╗┐30 July 8 Augu´╗┐st 11 days
Trip 13 ´╗┐10 August 19 Augu´╗┐st 11 days
Trip 14 ´╗┐21 August ´╗┐31 August 11 days
Trip 15 ´╗┐3 September 13 September´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 16 ´╗┐15 September 24 September´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 17 ´╗┐26 September 5 October´╗┐ 11 days
Trip 18 ´╗┐7 October 16 October´╗┐ 11 days






West Java


As with most areas of Indonesia, West Java gets the best surf conditions during the months March through to October. Depending on where you decide to travel, you will have access to breaks suiting both your skill levels and desires. Mostly this area is uncrowded and you will definitely get to experience the isolated Indo perfection you've always dreamt of! The waves in West Java are really under-rated. They are some of the best in Indo, even the world, it's just a matter of timing.


There are four known breaks (One Palm, Apocalypse, Napalms & Illusions) around Panaitan Island that Just Dreaming charters often frequent, you may already be familiar with them. But what you may not be familiar with, is the plethora of other waves in the local area, suitable for all abilities, from beginners right through to professionals. Listed below are these bigger name locations, as well as some of our more regularly frequented spots. It's definitely worth noting however, that there are a bunch more waves not listed here that we like to keep to ourselves, both surrounding Panaitan Island, and on the West Java mainland.


Jump on-board Just Dreaming... you might be lucky enough to sample all of the below, and of course the ones we haven't mentioned!





One Palm

A shallow, open relentless barreling left.

For the experienced surfer. This point reef break is one of Indonesia's left-hand wonders. Waves here peel perfectly from outside to inside, barrelling the whole way over a shallow bottom that inspires paranoia but creates record-time tube rides. Indeed this is not a place for timid or inexperienced wave riders, but it is a place to score the best, longest barrels of your life, period.




A right pit that's been compared to Backdoor Pipe.

For the intermediate to experienced surfer. Apocalypse doesn't look like much as you approach it from behind, but paddle into its lineup from Just Dreaming and you will discover a feisty wave that peaks, walls, plumes, and fires. The water is quite deep at the take-off point, but a combination of funneled wave speeds, strong offshore winds and a receptive, stationary reef causes incoming swells to rise fast, hover, before hollowing out and breaking defiantly.




A smoking left.

For the intermediate to experienced surfer. This is a fun, barrelling, left-hander located further inside the bay at Panaitan. If you know anything about barrel riding, you can't fail at Napalms. A perfectly shaped reef allows this left-hander to bend and refract at just the right angle for you to set your line, pull in and get spat out. Different swell angles and sizes make this more or less ripable, but it always remains fun!




A grinding right that fully barrels.

Beginner, intermediate and experienced surfers. Just seaward and up-shore from Apocalypse is yet another right, Illusions. A right hand point break, however not as reckless as the left at One Palm Point, Illusions is just as perfect providing barrels and ripable sections aplenty. A natural footers dream.


Booking policy


Deposit 30% of trip cost to reserve the dates. 90 days before the departure it is required to complete the payment of the total amount.
Payment (cash, cards accepted) Bank transfer.



Kitchen Refrigerator, kitchenette, kitchenware, kitchen
Activities Surfing, Snorkelling and Fishing
Living area Dining area
Media & Technology TV+DVD+Stereo
Food & Drink Restaurant, bar, minibar
Services Surf filming & Photography (extra charged applied)
Languages spoken English

How to get there

The best way is to fly to Jakarta (check for the best airline fare), the main hub in Indonesia, very well linked to Asia and Europe. Once landed, the Just Dreaming staff will pick you up and your fantastic adventure will begin!


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Just Dreaming




P.I. 08113060969