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Probably the most sought and dreamt surf location in the world; when you think to perfect blue barrels, warm water and tropical landscape, the first location coming up is the Mentawais islands. The Mentawais Islands are a place that every surfer needs to visit at least once in your life.

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This remote chain of islands, that lies few miles from the island of Sumatra, has become in few years one of the most desired places by surfers from around the world. Here there are some of the best waves in the world, such as E-Bay, Macaronis or Lance's Right (or HT's) that break with perfect and cylindrical shapes on reefs well suited to receive frequent swells from the southwest. In addition, the winds are often offshore and it’s always possible to find a spot that works fine in all conditions. The spots are accessible in two ways:

  • by one of the many yacht charters on which groups of surferslive to be always close to the best waves and surf as much as possible;
  • by small motorboats owned by the luxury resorts, although, because of the position of the spots not always close to villages, it can take some times to achieve the best spots.

Generally, surfers prefer to use the boat charters thanks to the opportunity they offer to move freely and reach the best waves. Usually, the yachts are also the cheapest solution. In order to reach the Mentawais it’s necessary to go to Padang (Sumatra), connected to many Asian hubs, and cross the narrow sea that separates Padang to the Mentawais by speedboats made available by boat charters or resorts. It's a long journey but it’s well worth, given the chance to surf the best waves in the world.

Quando andare

This corner of Sumatra is perfectly oriented to receive the frequent SW swells, coming from the southern hemisphere from March to November. These storms have a long breath and a good size, between 2 and 4 meters (6-12 feet), becoming even triple overhead waves on the more exposed spots. July and August are the months with the highest waves. In this period winds blow mainly from the southeast. At the beginning and at the end of the season the measure of the waves tends to be lower (1.3-2.6 m. / 4-7 feet), but the quality does not drop because the glassy days count more than 20% of the total. The risk of malaria is a threat to be taken into account. The mosquito repellents are essential and a malaria prophylaxis is a plus.




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