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WCT 2015 - Coming in 2 weeks

In two weeks the World Championship Tour 2015 will start with the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, Australia, home of top surfers like Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning.

Here Gabriel Medina won last year, laying the foundations for the future victory of the World Tour, finally got at Pipeline last December.

This year we will see a well-fought World Championship: Medina will want to defend his title, King Kelly, despite his 43 years, is always one of the best, Fanning is one of the most consistent and competitive surfers in the world, John John Florence is John John Florence and let's not forget people like Parkinson and Julian Wilson, who, with the victory at Pipe, may have unlocked his mind and have reached that awareness in his extraordinary skills that could bring a world title.

Definitely we will see some good fights, already in Snapper Rocks whose sand banks look great, as seen during the last swells.


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