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Wavegarden in Madrid

It's official: in 2016 Madrid will have an ultramodern Wavegarden. The plant will be built precisely in the IFEMA exhibition center and will have a square area of 100,000 m2 and will be long 300 m and 180 m wide. It will be able to generate waves varying between 0.5 and 2 m high and can last more than 40 seconds. Around the pool there is a large park for outdoor activities.

The center will have surf schools for all levels and will host competitions and national and international events, where there will be some of the biggest names in world surfing scene. Surfing is not the only business because there will be a skate park and a fitness center. In addition, the plant also see the presence of restaurants, shops and a surf shop. The exact opening date has not been declared yet, but 2016 is not far away!

We just have to score Madrid on the map of European surfing locations!


Stay tuned for further details!


Surfplanner Team

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