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Surfplanner trip - Somo

From July 4th to 11th (7 nights) the Surfplanner team is going to Somo, Spain, and we will lodge at the beautiful Wolhouse, managed by the famous Italian surfer Ale Demartini who will guide us to the best waves of the day. The house is equipped with all the amenities and it is just in front of the beautiful sandy beach of Somo.

In July the waves are great, suitable for all levels, from beginner to expert. We will surf and party all day! Here our special prices including 7 nights accommodation, a daily handmade breakfast every day and 1 massage per week:

- Surfhouse/Malibù Pack: 260 € per person per week without surfing lessons

- Surfcamp/Uluwatu Pack: 310 € per person per week with surf equipment (wetsuit and a wide choice of surfboards) and surfing photos on USB flash drives

- Surfschool/Uluwatu Pack: 400 € per person per week with surf lessons in the morning and free surf equipment (wetsuit and a wide choice of surfboards) in the afternoon and class photos on USB flash drives.

We will also have a professional physiotherapist for post session massage (1 massage free per week) and a photographer to capture our sessions. For best airline fares, check or (Santander airport suggested). The prices of tickets are around 100€ (round trip). At the airport we will pick you up for free! A deposit of 20% of the total is necessary to reserve your booking. For info and reservations, please write to

The reservations will be accepted while seats last (30 seats available). Anyway, the deadline for reservations is on Friday 26th June.

Come and surf with us for an endless summer!

The Surfplanner team





P.I. 08113060969