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Surfplanner Playlist

One thing that I have always loved in the surf movies is their soundtrack. In awesome movies like “One Track Mind” or “Castles in the Sky”, the correct choice of the songs played a fundamental role to the final result. Often you watch surf movies with great surf action, but the soundtrack behind is simply bad… Probably after 1 or 2 minutes watching, you will stop the video.

When you listen to “surf” songs that you liked, your mind runs to fantastic surf trips that you have done or simply you would like to take in the future and the sensation you feel is awesome and relaxing. Isn’t it?

They are also important before and after a surf session because these songs put you in the right mood and help you to surf better (indeed, many pros before their heat listen to their playlist).

In next weeks, we will publish some songs that we think you will love and that will help you imagine and dream of new surf trips. At the end you will have a fantastic surf playlist!


Here the first five:

- Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap)
- Society (Eddie Vedder)
- Wishingbone (Winter People)
- Enemies Like This (Radio 4)
- Trigger (In Flames)


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