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The first Wavegarden open to the public

The first Wavegarden open to the public seems to be a reality. On June 26th the works for its construction have officially started in the park Surf Snowdonia, Conwy Valley, North Wales, UK. The pool will generate waves up to 2 meters high and 180 meters long. As we know, the Wavegarden was born from the idea of some Spanish engineers who few years ago have patented a system to generate artificial waves with a significantly lower energy consumption compared to the (few) traditional pools that can produce artificial waves.


This first Wavegarden, with a second one already in design in Bristol, opens the way for the practice of surfing for all those who live far from the sea, with a strong potential for the development of surfing, even at the Olympic level.


Bookings for summer of 2015 are already open and we hope that this opening will be an incentive for investors from other countries to open other similar facilities in areas far from the sea.





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