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Cloud 9

At the beginning of September the Surfplanner team has been in Siargao, Philippines, to surf the increasingly popular spot of Cloud 9 and the neighboring spots. We lodged at the beautiful Kermit Eco Resort, our Surfplanner partner ( The resort is surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden and the bungalow rooms are eco-friendly, comfortable and spacious. A note of credit goes to the excellent restaurant of Kermit that prepares delicious Filipino dishes and many kinds of pasta. The owner Gianni and the resort manager Napa made us feel at home straight away, bringing us to know all the main spots.

Siargao, and in particular the area around Cloud 9, has an equatorial climate, white sandy beaches adorned with beautiful coconut trees and crystal clear waters. The locals are very hospitable and kind.


Let's talk about surfing

The best time goes from September to November with large and frequent swells and offshore winds. Even from December to March there are frequent storms but this period coincides with the rainy season that also brings onshore winds. July and August are suitable for those who wanna spend a holiday in a tropical paradise and wanna surf not challenging waves or learn to surf (Kermit Resort instructors are great!).

The main spot is definitely Cloud 9, a wave that works with swells from almost any direction. It is a beautiful wave that almost always generates beautiful pipes. The wave is mostly right, but can also generate a lefthander. The only weak point is the crowding: here all the local Filipinos surf, women and children included. Often we have surfed with other 20-30 people and 90% were Filipino. Keep in mind that they know the wave of Cloud 9 like their pockets and are able to read and anticipate the wave ages before us. But with a little of patience, you will be able to take your ration of waves. The last day we experienced a big swell that has created 3m waves, awesome!

At 200m from Cloud 9 there is a spot called Tuason that creates a long left with swells from North while southern swells create a beautiful, barreling and powerful right that we were lucky enough to surf. In Siargao there are many other beautiful spots, often deserted, as Rocky Island or Burgos, but unfortunately we have not found the ideal conditions to surf them. All the spots of Siargao are rocky so please pay attention to the tide.

For alternative activities, we recommend the tour of the atolls, the tour to the Blue Lagoon and a bathroom at the puddles of Magpupungko or a SUP ride among the mangroves, all experiences you cannot miss.


In conclusion, we highly recommend everyone to visit Siargao, a tropical paradise and one of the last surf frontiers. You'll love it!



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