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Can Kelly win the twelfth world title?

Yesterday John John Florence won the Quiksilver Pro France, in difficult conditions due to the shifting sand bars that created unpredictable waves. Kelly Slater, second in the general ranking, has managed to reach the quarter-finals. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t find a good wave at the end of heat to defeat Jordy Smith in the quarter final and access the semi final and get more points.  Now, with only 2 events left, the world title rush is getting more and more interesting.

Kelly has good chances to win the twelfth world title but much depends on the result of the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal, the next WCT event. Indeed, if Kelly will get a good result and Medina will not reach the quarter finals, the world title will be decided at Pipeline in December where, as everyone knows, Kelly always gives his best. The Portuguese event is quite tricky for Kelly. Last year he went out at the beginning of the event because the waves were pretty bad and Kelly couldn’t show his awesome potential. If Supertubos will pump, Kelly have good chances to move further in the Moche Rip Curl pro Portugal. Anyway, Medina likes this wave too!


Medina still leads the ranking. Here the top 5 positions of the ranking:

  1. Gabriel Medina: 56550 points
  2. Kelly Slater: 50050 points
  3. Mick Fanning: 43600 points
  4. Joel Parkinson: 43100 points
  5. John John Florence: 41950 points


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