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Arugam Bay

Some months ago the Surfplanner team was in Sri Lanka, precisely in Arugam Bay, to check for you the actual quality of its increasily famous surf spots and the area in general.

In order to get to Arugam Bay, once landed in Colombo, you have two options : be picked up by the van of the camp where you lodge (about $ 150) or take an air taxi from Colombo airport and get in 45 minutes in Ampara, an hour's drive from Arugam Bay ( We chose the van. From the airport it takes about 7 hours drive to get to Arugam Bay because the roads are curvy and ruined.

Arugam Bay is a small town, built around its beautiful beach of fine white sand, dotted with numerous coconut palms. The day runs quiet and relaxed, allowing you to forget what stress means, and people are always friendly and ready to welcome you with a smile.

When you do not go surfing, the surroundings of Arugam Bay offer spectacular landscapes suitable for beautiful hikes. We recommend the tour of the Pottuvil lagoon, where it is easy to see wild elephants and many types of birds, and the safari at Yala National Park East (also called Kumana) where you will see wild elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, wild buffalos, monitor lizards, deers and, if you're lucky, even the leopard. Finally, do not absolutely miss a visit to the Kudimbigala Forest Hermitage, a wonderful set of rocky outcrops surrounded by jungle. On the highest stone, there is an ancient Buddhist temple where they can enjoy an exceptional landscape, with mountains to the west and the ocean and the savannah to the east. It’s a place that offers a great intimate peace, believe me!

Now let’s talk about the surf.

The waves at Arugam Bay generally do not exceed 4-5 feet (1.20-1.50 m.) And they are right handers. The season between May to October is the best, because the waves are constant and light winds blow offshore (except in the afternoon when it gets a bit of onshore wind). It’s actually a paradise for intermediate surfers because of its easy and long waves, but there are also spots as Baby Point ideal for beginners. If you are staying at Arugam Bay, you can reach the neighboring spots with one of the many tuk -tuks available in town. Any driver knows the way to get to the various spots. We suggest you to go surfing at dawn (5-5.30 am) or sunset because the wind is absent and there are few people in the water. Crowding can be a problem because of the morphology of the waves. The peak is always one, with the wave that opens to the right, and only 10-15 people can be enough to stuff the spot. Moreover the numerous beginners don’t know the priority rules, but but if you are willing to wake up early, you can also surf alone.


Principal spots:

- Main Point (Arugam Bay): the spot is the more technical and perhaps nicest one in the area. The right wave breaks on a rocky bottom and rolls out for 400 meters in good conditions. The take off is quite steep and fast. The spot is always busy, even early in the morning, and it is located right at the southern end of Arugam Bay. Clean water. It does not hold cross / onshore wind.

- Baby Point (Arugam Bay): it is the younger brother of the Main Point. The wave is suitable for beginners and longboards because it is not steep and the bottom is sandy. Crowded spot and the priority rules do not exist here. Spot protected from wind.

- Okanda: spot located 45 minutes by tuk -tuk south of Arugam Bay.It’s a very funny spot, the wave is always 1 to 2 feet higher than any other spot, the take off is easy because the wave, although big, is slow and not very steep, but very long, and it has at least 3 sections that allow you to surf for 2-300 meters. Often it is necessary to leave the water at the end of the wave and return to the peak, walking on the beach.

- Whiskey Point: this wave is a fun and easy, suitable for beginners and intermediates, located a few minutes north of Arugam Bay. The take off is done close to the rock, on a fairly steep section, but immediately after the wave loses power. Clean, warm water. It is advisable to surf at dawn to avoid crowding.


Finally, Arugam Bay is a paradise for surfers and we strolngly recommend you to organize a surf trip here. Its fun waves, tropical climate, friendly people and its wildlife will delight you.


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