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Argentina: a beautiful story of surfing and solidarity

From Argentina it comes a beautiful story of surfing and solidarity.

The protagonist of this story is the 40-year old Argentinean Martin Passeri, national surfing champion. During the event of Mar del Plata, Martin meets Nicolas Gallego, who, sitting in his wheelchair, looks at him with admiration. Nicolas has always dreamed of becoming a surfer and riding the waves, but at the age of 18 years he loses the use of his legs due to a bad accident. Martin, although he was in the running to win the national title, at the time of his heat, refuses to enter into the water and takes Nicolas. At this point he takes him on his back and led him to surf his first wave.

Martin after the race will be disqualified but it doesn’t matter: his noble gesture has allowed Nicolas to realize his biggest dream: surfing ...

Later, Martin admitted that wave has been the most beautiful one of his life!


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